Drawn to a draw scope - Meopta TGA 75 in Test

 5/2015 | Sporting-riffle.com | by Colin Fallon | Second publication


Initially sceptical, Chris Parkin finds he is won over by a draw-tube spotter after having the Meopta TGA 75 on test

When I was sent the Meopta TGA 75 draw tube spotting scope, I wondered if this model really had much of an application today. In the field when hunting I always rely on binoculars. I picture a draw scope being used by a mountainous hill stalker positioned over a chasm-like valley with the scope clamped on one knee to verify the position of a stag before sliding it closed and starting the stalk. But I couldn’t have been more wrong about the capabilities of what I was sent.

Citation: Colin Fallon | sporting-riffle.com

Drawn to a draw scope




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