Ballistic Hunting Turret - instalation


Remove the existing elevation turret cap (1) and unscrew the two mounting screws (2). Then remove the actuator (3) and the shield (4). Keep the cap, actuator and shield at a safe place for future reassembly.


Put the ratchet wheel (6) to the place of the original actuator and screw in the two screws (5). The ratchet wheel must be firmly fixed.


Screw in the collar (7) as far as it will go. Tighten the collar properly.


Put the sliding sleeve onto the collar (9).
Now slide in the head (8) so that when turning clockwise, the stop is on digit -5.


Insert the spring (11) into the head and secure the assembly with the central screw (10); tighten it gently.


Screw in the locking screws (12) in the sliding sleeve and secure in position.


Use the standard procedure for sighting-in the rifle, e.g. at a 100 m distance. Then, following the instructions, partially disassemble the original ballistic turret. Adjust the sliding sleeve so that the vertical index line is in the axis of the riflescope directly before your eyes. Tighten the four locking screws with the Allen wrench from the accessory bag. Loosen the central screw one turn, pull out the turret a little and turn it so that the zero index on the turret coincides with the index on the sliding sleeve and, at the same time, is in the stop position.
Tighten the locking screws. Tighten the central screw. The initial sighting-in distance is also the stop position.
After the initial adjustment, make the adjustment for the 2nd sighting-in distance. Turn the turret counterclockwise by the required number of clicks. Turn the first ring so that its index faces the zero index on the turret; secure in position with the locking screw. The number of clicks may be determined using our ballistic program or by sighting-in.
When adjusting the 3rd sighting-in distance, use the same procedure as for the second turret.
Your ballistic turret is now ready for use.


To adjust the corresponding distance, turn the entire ballistic turret with its zero index against the required mark (red, green).
Should you desire to sight-in the riflescope at an additional distance, you may adjust this additional distance by turning the turret against the vertical index on the sliding sleeve. The required number of clicks may also be determined using our ballistic program. The number of clicks is always calculated from the initial position - with the zero index on the turret against the vertical index of the sliding sleeve.



Ballistic calculator

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